MBA Resources

MBA Resources

Choose the perspective which is the most relevant to you. The 3 perspectives are described in more depth below.

Each of the 3 perspectives covers same core MBA frameworks. The difference lies in how they are applied.


You should use the Business perspective if you work within a business and you wish to boost your commercial awareness by gaining access to the most up-to-date models, tools, skills and concepts that are taught by the world's leading business schools, which will enable you to:

  • Quickly analyse your own business, industry and market and those of your customers or clients;
  • Draw on the knowledge and insights of your colleagues in a structured way so as to develop the best strategies possible for your team / department; and
  • Enhance your own career whilst helping your organisation to rise to new levels of competitive performance.

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Public Sector

You should use the Public Sector perspective if you work within a public sector organisation and you wish to:

  • Enhance your commercial awareness;
  • Translate business ‘best practice’ to the public sector; and
  • Work more closely alongside your colleagues and commissioners to deliver the best services possible

Being familiar with these concepts will be essential in any public sector market that faces more competition, increased demand, limited resources and changing population needs.

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Professional Advisor

You should use Professional Advisor perspective if you work within a professional service firm and you would like to understand how you can use the core MBA concepts to quickly analyse any client's business, industry and market, enabling you to:

  • Have more engaging conversations with your clients;
  • Ask your clients more substantive questions;
  • Hone in on the key issues; and
  • Provide advice which is finely tuned and bespoke for a client's specific needs.

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